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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 9:38 AM

Having A Secure Network Is The Best Thing To Happen To Us!

Whenever you are doing something new, feeling secure is the one thing that is always on your priority list. Being adventurous is one thing and protecting yourself is another. No one would like to put their well-being at stake when they are starting something new. No one likes delivering bad news, but till the time you do not have a VPN when you post something on a site, anyone can track your computer's IP address easily like it's child play. To have a secure network and to avoid this, a VPN is a must.  


It's the one thing that you should always think about when you are planning to start a new site of your own. VPN, also commonly known as Virtual Private Network is something that every business needs, every blog needs, and every E-commerce store needs. It is almost impossible to stay safe and make do without a VPN. all of it may still sound a little confusing, but you will be out of your confusion by the end of this article. VPN is an extension, and it is easily accessible to users, but there are some things you should know and keep in mind before using it.


Things you need to know before using Mozilla VPN


Mozilla VPN has been a great invention so far, and here is everything you need to know about it before your first time using the extension. Before going more in-depth, let us have a look at some of the primary features of Mozilla VPN.

    - No-logging policy

    - Fast and secure network

    - 1-tap to privacy

    - Growing coverage all around the globe

    - 754 servers in 36 countries (and counting)

    - Supports up to 5 devices

    - Device-level encryption

    - Unlimited bandwidth

    - VPN kill switch

    - Split tunneling

    - Unsecure network warning

    - Local network access


Unfortunately for some of you, Mozilla VPN is not accessible because the coverage is only in 6 countries (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. ) But another good news is that it provides coverage on up to 5 devices per user. Coming to your safety, it has been proven that this VPN is one of the best in terms of protection and coverage. The speed of this VPN on IOS and android devices is as fast as 40Mbps. Another good thing about this is that Mozilla's VPN is very well renowned, and it has been around for users for years, and that counts for something. Mozilla has a fixed plan for VPN, and it is only $4. 99 every month. There are no alterations to the plan or any other options that are available. Payment is very easy, you can pick your preferred payment method and go ahead with it. The refund policy is easily accessible as well in case you want to have a look before purchasing and spending your money on it. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you're spending money on your safety and protection, it can never go down the drain!