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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 9:14 AM

Binge Watch The Favorite Shows On Online Streaming Sites- Hulu Vs Netflix

With everyone locked inside their house during the global pandemic, People have a lot of free time to themselves after work. Even those who work from home have a lot of free time now which gives them a lot of free time to enjoy with the family members and bond with them. There is nothing as enjoyable as binge-watching some movies or tv series with siblings and eating some junk foods. This is the most fun activity anyone can enjoy with anyone at any time.


Since nowadays people are not interested in watching the shows at the aired time as they might not have free time at that particular time. Hence, online streaming sites are getting popular among people. Online streaming sites such as Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, etc have gained a lot of popularity among the viewers. But there has been a question arising among the viewers which are, hulu vs netflix: which is better?


Which online streaming site to choose


    - There are many online movie and series streaming sites available on the internet. But there are some which have caught the attention of the viewers more than the others. The top two streaming sites, Hulu and Netflix are the toughest competitors. So every watcher looks for hulu vs netflix before going for a particular one.


    - Hulu is an online streaming service owned by Walt Disney and Comcast while Netflix is an American media service and original programming production company. Both of these are some of the best online streaming services.


    - Both of them have a large number of users. However, the number of users of Netflix exceeds Hulu. The major reason for this difference may be the shows that are streamed on these sites. Netflix offers far more shows than Hulu. It has tv-series and movies from all countries and covers a large number of genres which attracts more users towards them. However, when we look into the number of users of Hulu it is impressive as well. With a lesser number of shows and movies, it has an impressive audience.


    - Both of these streaming sites have a free trial period. For a new user, they allow the user to have a free trial period of one month where they have access to all the shows and movies for which they are not charged. After the trial period is over the viewer is required to pay a certain amount of fees to continue the service.  


    - The service charges of these sites vary. They have different charges for different services. Fee charges are different for basic, multi-screen, and premium services. This also depends on the streaming quality of the video. However, it is seen that the service charges for Hulu are less as compared to Netflix.


Choosing an online streaming site depends on the viewers and what they want to watch. However, some of these points mentioned above can be taken into consideration before choosing one.