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Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 9:16 AM

What Should Look For While Applying For Cash Advance With Credit Card?

Credit cards are handy forms of loans to get instant money without any paperwork. Though they have a certain limit and rate according to the holder's credit score, the money on request is an option unavoidable. If you are a credit cardholder, you may have come across the cash advances option. If you aren't aware of how they are unique to the standard credits, check out how to utilize the cash advance with credit card to avoid extra charges and possible debts.  


What is a cash advance?

The money you get as temporary loans through credit cards is called a cash advance. Credit cards don't provide the money we have in our savings. Similar to the loans, the advance cash also has interest rates and fixed tenure to pay back the claimed amount. However, unlike the standard credit limits, the advance has a separate limit and no grace time for the interest-free period.  

If you have a credit card, you can use it either through ATM transactions or apply for cheque loans. However, as the cash isn't yours and the amount is being provided to you forehand, the credit lenders have certain charges and terms to impose for their assistance. While getting the apt credit card plan, it is highly essential to check if the terms are compliable for your use and repaying capacity.  


Features of advance on credit cards

While selecting the apt plan or applying for the cash advance with credit card, you need to ensure several governing factors that vary among different card providers. The features include: 

    - Various charges: Getting an advance is surely pleasant, but the credited money is usually attached with numerous charges. The card charges mandatory advance fees on the provision of the cash and regular interest till the date you repay. The interests here accumulate from the moment you claim the cash. However, these rates are comparatively low and don't burden up if you pay back on time. If you fail to repay in the tenure, late charges are certainly inevitable, which are comparatively higher than the former. If you are using the ATM transactions, the ATM fees are additionally charged.  

    - Repayment plans: Unlike the standard repayments, there is no grace period, and interest multiplies as time extends. The provision and the rate also depend on the credit limit and the cashed credit existing on the standard terms. Thus, while choosing or applying for a certain amount, make sure to calculate the possible terms and the fees paid.  

    - Bonus factors: Card users are gifted with reward points, discounts in interest rates, and different retail and shopping vouchers to utilize the advance payments. Complying with the terms and having a good credit score certainly gifts more rewards to be used diversely.  


As the cash advances are feasible to use anywhere, choosing the appropriate plans based on the discussed factors would provide benefits over the use. If you are seeking to sign up for a credit card, check if your plan has these features to get the bounty from the cash advance bonanza!