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Friday, September 24, 2021 at 1:55 AM

My Top 10 Kubernetes Recommendations

Well, it's that time of year again - another VMworld has arrived. As most of you are aware, VMworld 2021 will be another "completely virtual" (no pun intended) event, similar to VMworld 2020. It's hard to believe that I presented at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas three years ago, and two years ago at VMworld EMEA 2019 in Barcelona. These are strange times. Let's hope we can all get together and have a great time at VMworld 2022. I've selected a few presentations to attend at this year's event, like I did in prior years. I chose to choose a selection of sessions that connect with me since I am spending a lot of time these days on all things related to Kubernetes. So, here are my top ten choices, in no particular order

Tanzu shows you how to get started using vSphere.

To begin, I'll group together a number of presentations related to the vSphere with Tanzu offering. Tanzu is the perfect solution for vSphere administrators to install, manage, and monitor Kubernetes clusters deployed on vSphere infrastructure, as I've written about it many times on this blog. I'd start by suggesting Mike Foley's presentation Getting Started with vSphere with Tanzu [MCL1648]. This is a fantastic presentation to attend if you're a vSphere admin who's just getting started with Kubernetes. The hands-on-lab on vSphere with Tanzu [GWS-HOL-2213-01-SDC] would then be a good way to reinforce this session. Learn how vSphere administrators can leverage their current expertise to not just offer Kubernetes clusters to the Kubernetes platform teams, but also how to use vSphere with Tanzu for monitoring and troubleshooting from Peter, Jose, and Bob. After that, I'd take another vSphere with Tanzu session with Karthik Balachandran at Technical Support, this time at level 200. Karthik will explain the lifecycle management of a vSphere with Tanzu system, encompassing both the Supervisor control plane and TKG guest/workload clusters, in this presentation titled Deep Dive on vSphere with Tanzu Updates [APP2063]. After attending these three courses, you should have a solid understanding of the vSphere with Tanzu product

Tanzu and NSX-T in vSphere

Networking and related network services are an important part of any Kubernetes architecture. For many applications, a Load Balancer service is required, but secure Pod to Pod communication is also necessary. Raymond, Vijendra, and Ionut discuss their reference designs and best practices for deploying container workloads on vSphere with Tanzu and NSX-T in this session, NSX-T Reference Designs for vSphere with Tanzu [NET1426].
Tanzu and the VM Provisioning Service in vSphere

This one is really interesting, and it introduces the VM provisioning service, which is a new feature in vSphere with Tanzu. The nature of the application is evolving, as we've stated many times before. It's no longer just a collection of virtual machines in many instances. Similarly, it isn't just a collection of containers. A lot of the time, a program is made up of both VMs and containers. Myles and Nikitha will discuss the new VM service built into vSphere with Tanzu, as well as how standard Kubernetes API calls can be used to manage the lifecycle of virtual machines alongside the lifecycle of containers and Pods, in The Future of VM Provisioning – Enabling VM Lifecycle through Kubernetes [APP1564]. This is going to be a fantastic session.