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Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 9:50 AM

Permanent Retainers- A healthy habit to keep your teeth attractive

What do you see when you first meet any person? I believe the personality of the individual as it tells you almost 40% about his nature. But personality involves multiple things like your dressing style, neatness, and many more things, but the most attractive thing is how you smile. You can make almost every person make you listen with a perfect smile. Everyone has their unique way of smiling, but some people are so possessive about their smile because every time they smile, it shows their teeth, which is another aspect of expressing your personality. Some people tend not to smile in front of everyone because of their bad shape, size, and color.  


For this purpose, permanent or fixed retainers are used that are made of metal wire that is glued to your teeth and comes with a braided texture which is placed or adjusted to our teeth in such a way to prevent any shifting of your teeth or it becoming crooked. Orthodontists recommend these after braces to prevent your teeth from moving back to their actual position.  


When are permanent retainers used? 

The permanent retainers are used on the lower jaw to move your teeth back to their actual state. These retainers are also known as lingual wire as it is bonded to the back surface of your teeth for effective and longer use. This term exactly indicates what the role of retainers is. It prevents the teeth from moving or locate at their actual position. The doctors or orthodontists remove your retainers if it starts creating irritation or building up of tartar around your teeth.  


Advantages of Permanent Retainers 

    - There is no need to take it on and off, making it easier to keep your teeth in the place where it is meant to be.  

    - The naked eye cannot see them as they are bonded on the back surface of your teeth.  

    - It does not create any hindrance while speaking, so you don't have to bother worrying about wearing it in front of people.  

    - It is permanently attached to your teeth, giving us no chance to lose it.  

    - It is very difficult to damage retainers with everyday use of your mouth.  

    - It keeps your teeth aligned and symmetrical to each other.  


What should be done if the retainer gets bent or move from its place? 

It is recommended that if the retainer is bent or moved, do not try to fix it on your own, as it can worsen the case, and you can end up destroying the bonding material resulting in damaging your teeth. If by any chance, the retainer moves or is bent, you should 

    - Make an appointment in the first place to have your retained removed or adjusted again.  

    - Call your doctor immediately to know what should be done in the case if the retainer bents or moves.  


Winding up the facts 

Do not engage in activities that can destroy your permanent retainer, and a healthy habit is to use a 6-inch floss or threader to shimmy your front bottom teeth. And consult with your doctor to get multiple options for your dental problem solutions to check what would work with it.