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Monday, October 25, 2021 at 9:03 AM

Ingrown Hair On Pubic Area -Maintaining hygiene of private parts in a safe way

Maintaining personal hygiene is a major area in maintaining good health. Personal hygiene refers to the maintenance of hygiene of the private areas as well. It is done to avoid any kind of infection or problems occurring in those areas. However, there may still be some problems that occur in these areas which need to be looked into otherwise they may become serious. There are proper measures taken to treat these issues. A major problem that is seen is ingrown hair on pubic area. This condition needs immediate treatment, otherwise, it may become painful.


The causes of ingrown hair growth on pubic area


    - The ingrown hair on pubic area is a condition in which the hair in the pubic area grows inside the skin instead of outside the surface which causes irritation, pain, and swelling of the area. This occurs when the hair in these areas is shaved, waxed, or plucked. Some of the hairs are not fully removed and they get curled and start to grow inside the skin and cause these symptoms.  


    - When an ingrown hair grows the skin present in the area becomes swollen and may form papules which may become hard and cause pain. These areas can be identified easily as they become darker than the other areas.


    - Certain people have a higher risk of getting ingrown hair growth than others. People who have curly hair have a greater chance that during the hair removal sometimes may get curled backward and grow inside the skin. This is less likely to occur with people who have thin straight hair.


Treatment of ingrown hair growth


    - In most cases, the ingrown hair growth need not be treated by others. It gets treated on their own but if there is any discomfort then there are some methods that can be used to treat them:


    - It is better to stop removing the hair in that area for some time. It will help the hair to grow out of the skin in a few days and then it can be treated by carefully removing the hair.


    - Another method that can be used is the use of some anti-inflammatory ointments prescribed by the doctors or using some warm water compress that helps in suppressing the inflammation of the concerned area and thus reducing the pain and letting the hair grow out of the skin more easily and then can be removed easily.


    - If the case of this ingrown hair growth is getting severe and there is a lot of pain due to it, then the dead skin around the inflammation needs to be exfoliated with proper care and then remove the hair from inside and apply some ointment to reduce the pain and treat the skin exfoliation.


Even though taking steps to maintain personal hygiene is important, it should be done very carefully so that there are no aftereffects of the action. Hence, it is advisable to take proper precautions while taking care of personal hygiene.