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Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 1:47 AM

Grindr users now have access to new privacy features

We at Grindr take the privacy of our users seriously, and we go above and above industry norms to provide our community with more transparency, access, and control over their personal information. Keeping this in mind, we've developed a number of new privacy features that we're pleased to introduce to you today.

First and foremost, there is access and portability. Everyone who uses Grindr now has automatic access to the information about them that Grindr has collected and kept (with certain restrictions) on both our servers and their device. AND the information is portable, which means that if you request it, we will send you an email with a copy of your information. We've been offering this option via our Customer Service staff for years, but it's now fully automated and self-serve for your convenience. The information you will get includes the kind of information you would anticipate, such as your public profile information and conversation history, as well as some other intriguing information, such as your sign-in history and which advertisements we have shown you to promote other Grindr services.

Make careful to read the Data Dictionary that comes with your data so that you can understand what the information represents and how it is organized in your file. And since this file may include a great deal of sensitive information, we've put in some significant security measures to ensure that you are the owner of your Grindr account as well as the owner of the email address that will be used to receive the file. If you want to access Download My Data (as well as most of the other privacy options), go to the sidebar menu (swipe from the left), choose Settings, and then scroll down to the Security and Privacy section.

People may opt out of having their usage of Grindr recalled by our Ad Partners, which means they will not get LGBTQ advertisements outside of their use of the Grindr app based on the fact that they have used the Grindr app, which is the next feature to be released. The device-wide opt-out features available in iOS and Android are already honored by Grindr and our partners, but this new setting is intended for users who want to receive targeted advertisements for the majority of their activities but do not want to receive targeted advertisements based on their use of the Grindr app. Similarly to the Download My Data setting, you can find this one by accessing the sidebar menu (swipe from the left), clicking Settings, and scrolling down to the Security and Privacy section (please note that if you use other LGBTQ apps or sites and have not triggered an opt-out there, you may still receive LGBTQ-focused ads outside of those apps and sites).

The last privacy announcement in this series of privacy announcements is the Viewed Me Opt-Out. Users may opt out of the Viewed Me function entirely by using this privacy control option. Users that activate the opt-out will not only be excluded from other users' Viewed Me lists, but they will also be prevented from accessing their own Viewed Me list. Within the next few weeks, you'll be able to access this function via the Privacy area of the sidebar menu.

Thank you so much to our Product and Engineering teams for working so hard to make these features a reality. I'm grateful to our Leadership team for putting our privacy objectives at the forefront of their efforts, as well as to everyone else at Grindr who contributed to the development of these features for our users.

We haven't finished yet! Keep an eye out for much more on the subject of privacy in the future.