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Friday, October 15, 2021 at 9:13 AM

Things You Need to Know about Old Navy Card

The Old Navy Card is a shop credit card issued by Synchrony Bank that rewards points used throughout the Gap family of companies (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, Gap Factory, and Banana Republic Factory).

Various Old Navy card types

You should be aware that Old Navy provides a variety of credit cards.

Standard option: 

A regular card, which can only get used at Gap Inc. stores, is available to new members.

Visa card: 

New members can also apply for a Visa, which can be used practically everywhere in the Visa network and has no retail restrictions.


If you achieve 5,000 points with either card, you can upgrade to a Navylist Credit Card, which functions the same way as the regular old navy card but offers a few extra benefits. Cardholders must re-qualify every calendar year to keep their Navyist status.

Choose Your Card and Store it Wisely 

You should check how you may earn points and receive benefits with any credit card. When you have an old navy card, you can use it to shop at Old Navy or any of the Gap Inc. locations, both in-person and online.

    - When you shop at Gap Inc. brands with your Old Navy Credit Card, you get 5 points for every dollar spent. It can only be used in specific stores, whether they are online or in person.

    - You can use the Visa card at stores other than Gap Inc. , but you'll only get 1 point for each dollar spent.

    - Once you've accumulated 5,000 points, you can upgrade to the Navylist Credit Card, which offers you access to other benefits.

Redeeming Points are Limited to Gap Inc. Brands

Every 500 points you collect earns you a $5 bonus. The caveat is that you can only use them at Gap Inc. stores.

You won't be able to utilize your points outside of those physical or virtual locations. As a result, you must enjoy shopping for clothes.

When it comes to prizes, it's also worth studying the fine print. They can only get purchased in $5 increments, with a total value of $50. Even though you're only one point away from the next step up, if you achieve 999 points in a month, you'll only get a $5 reward.

Points transfer over from one billing cycle to the next, so you'll start with 499 next time. If you don't use the card, it will expire after 24 months.

You can also only redeem up to three awards in-store at a time or up to five rewards online or over the phone.

Interest rates and costs

While gaining points might occasionally make you better off, failing to make a payment can cause substantial damage to your bank account. The Old Navy Credit Card doesn't have an annual fee, which is fantastic. However, you will be subject to a variable purchase APR of 25. 99 percent. As a minimum, the monthly interest rate is $2.