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Friday, August 27, 2021 at 1:04 AM

Secure, encrypted email that keeps your business conversations safe and secure

It is not as difficult as you may assume to encrypt your email messages.

Email is the most straightforward and widely used method of sending a message or a document. In many sectors, such as healthcare, legal, financial services, insurance and other related fields, email alone is insufficient to ensure the safety of you and your patients or customers. Fortunately, there are other options.

The process of adding security to email does not have to be difficult. One click and you may have secure email, using ShareFile's encrypted email service, at your disposal. Protecting both the content in your email and any attachments with Secure Email from ShareFile is similar to protecting your online banking information with a secure website. Even better, your recipients will be able to respond through encrypted secure email, even if they are not already a ShareFile user.

With ShareFile encrypted secure email, you can ensure compliance with a number of industry laws and ethical requirements, including FINRA, HIPAA, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state bar ethics rules, and more.

So, how does it function? There are two options for sending secure email when using ShareFile:

1. Send secure email from any web browser with confidence.

You may send secure email directly from your ShareFile account, using any web browser on your computer. Similar to how you can securely transfer a file with ShareFile - or many files; you can transmit up to 100 GB at once - you can also opt to encrypt the communications you send using the service.

If you send and receive secure email from ShareFile via a web browser, you will get encryption and security for your conversations without ever having to download or install any software. This secure email service is available whenever and wherever you need it - from any device that can connect to the internet.

Security email directly from inside Microsoft Outlook.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook provides the benefits of secure email in a tool that you are already familiar with. It protects both your email copy and all attachments using encryption in a single simple step and provides the security you require without adding any additional steps to your work.

Sharing files through secure email is the most straightforward and successful method of communicating with others, whether they be vendors, customers, coworkers, or patients. ShareFile is the most straightforward and effective method of communicating with others. Using ShareFile's secure email service, you can safeguard all of your data - even basic messages - in one place.