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Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 12:37 AM

Box enhances its inherent inline security measures to provide better data leakage prevention

We are pleased to announce that Box Shield now has improved native security controls, which will allow businesses to more quickly identify critical information, prevent data breaches, and govern access to their content with more granular authentication capabilities, among other things. Security measures that are built in from the ground up have been a fundamental part of Box's offering since before President Biden's Executive Order, which implies that the federal government will use its purchasing power to compel the market to incorporate security into all software from the beginning. As a matter of fact, 69 percent of the Fortune 500 are confident that our platform is safe enough for today's work while still being strong enough to adapt to the constantly evolving business requirements of future.
Discover more delicate material with relative ease.

Box Shield assists you in categorizing information and providing insight into activities, whether they are manual or automatically performed. As information is uploaded into Box, auto-classification automatically assigns labels to files depending on the content contained inside the file, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, as well as custom words that have been defined. We're doing the following with this release:

Auto-classification of files based on their file type helps to provide more support for intellectual property by extending coverage beyond conventional regulated material (released)

Making a last addition to the auto-classification of existing material when it is viewed in preview, downloaded, tagged as current, or not removed from trash (released)

Giving auto-classification the ability to classify things is a big step forward (coming soon)

Increasing the number of built-in information types accessible to incorporate Canadian personally identifiable information (PII) (released)

Support for Microsoft Information Protection encrypted labels is being expanded (released)

Increasing visibility by include categorization names in the event API (which has already been published) and the user activities report (coming soon)