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Friday, September 24, 2021 at 1:51 AM

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13 is unveiled by Doctor Web.

Dr. Web Enterprise Security Suite raises the bar for business anti-virus protection to new heights. Version 13 of the anti-virus software suite, which can be used to centrally manage the end-point security of all nodes and devices in a corporate network, combines all of the best features of previous generations with cutting-edge innovations that make the suite's deployment and administration even easier.

Dr. Web Enterprise Security Suite 13 is ideal for both small and medium businesses and big organizations and enterprises, thanks to its outstanding scalability. The many multi-platform software components intended to secure PCs, servers, gateways, and virtual machines enable you to build a dependable all-around end-point security solution that will suit all elements and features of your organization's information architecture and workflow.

The process of detecting and reacting to anti-virus security events is automated with Dr. Web Enterprise Security Suite 13—threats are neutralized without the need for a system administrator's involvement. Individual computers and servers will not be affected by the security suite. Threat actors are prevented from infiltrating further into your business infrastructure by a thorough examination of all activity and traffic. All of the events that are found are recorded, and the information may then be utilized to fully examine each incidence and remove its source.

Dr. Web Security Control Center will assist you in efficiently managing your anti-virus network and security software on all kinds of protected devices, allocating system resources for the tasks at hand, and making security policy adjustments as needed.

Dr. Web ESS may become the heart of your organization's information security or simply be combined with a pre-existing solution thanks to the ability to export data to SIEM systems.

Dr. business Web's products have long been praised for their dependability and effectiveness by customers all around the globe. These software suites have been successfully used to maintain the anti-virus security of businesses, financial, healthcare, and cultural institutions, educational institutions, science facilities, and governmental agencies, including the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense and Supreme Court, for more than two decades. But we're not resting on our laurels; we're continuously monitoring the development of cyber threats and refining the security solutions we've created to identify and counter them. Dr. Web apps are becoming more and more user-friendly and manageable. This degree of dedication enables us to develop solutions that satisfy the strictest security requirements, as Dr. Web Enterprise Security Suite 13 demonstrates.